Sunday, February 20, 2011

McDonald's Motivation

McDonald's Corp. has many reasons for its continued success throughout the globe over the past several decades but what they consider the most crucial is the people. This is not talking about the millions of people who buy their products everyday but instead about the millions of people who are working for the company. McDonalds considers their employee's well being to be a top priority in their business. They have built their empire on the simple foundation that nothing gets done without the people. Therefore McDonalds has adopted unique motivation methods to stay on top of the game in the fast food industry. An article discussing the various ways McDonalds motivates its employees, discusses the ranges from satisfaction of needs, to personal growth. McDonalds wants their employees to flourish in their company.

Within an industry that focuses most of its attention on streamlining and getting tasks done as efficently as possible it is important for McDonalds Corp. to make sure their employees do not become unsatisfied or even worse dissatisfied. McDonalds makes sure to take care of both Hygiene needs to prevent dissatisfaction and motivation needs to provide satisfaction at the workplace.

According to a 2007 article McDonalds bases its motivation strategy off of four key concepts
1. Motivation must be unique to every department of the corporation
2.Each person must have their own specific, and attainable, goals that they are aiming for.
3. The goals that the individuals have should change if necessary and new goals should be made when others are accomplished.
4. The employee's salary must reflect equally the work they have done within the organization

Based off of these four concepts McDonalds has become the top of the fast food industry not only in the United States but globally. For such a big corporation its focusing on the all of the individuals that make it up that is important.

Michael Ziegler
Team 7

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  1. I think that McDonald's probably has one of the best motivation strategies out there in the corporate world today. I think that for a company its size, to care so much about the individuals is impressive. The standard that McDonalds sets for the rest of the industry is impressive to say the least.

    Michael Ziegler
    Team 7